Enjoy your own characters!

Ok, so we all know that there aren’t too many choices to arrange the text with PhotoShop with the default settings, and what if we want something more? Is there any other ways to bring the effects? My answer is going to satisfy you. Let’s learn to create something new now! And here is an example for you:

Follow the steps:

1.  You need to create a new document sized 300×500 pixels and fill it with color #1a142c.

2. Now, create a new layer, and get out the Elliptical Marquee Tool to create the selection as on the image showing below and fill it with this color-#6d56b2.

3. Remove the selection (Ctrl+D or Command+D), and apply Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur with the following settings-change the layer opacity to 70% for current layer.

We had done with the background so far, so let’s move on to the main subject today-text effect. Select the Horizontal Type Tool and write out the letter “p” with the KabelBd font in any color you want.

4. Then, apply next Blending Options to the current text layer:
• Drop Shadow
• Outer Glow
• Gradient Overlay
• Stroke

That’s how you got the result looking like the image below.

3. Your next step will be having a right-click on the layer on the panel thumbnails, and select Copy Layer Style menu.

4. Move under the layer with letter “p”, and write out another letter “h”.

5. Do the right-click on the panel thumbnail again, and then select Paste Layer Style menu. And this you should now have the same result:

6. Use the same way to add some more letters.

7. We’re now going to finish off the tutorial by adding some shapes to the background. Use the Custom Shape Tool, and select the star shape as on the picture below from standard shapes gallery.

8. Add the star shape to the background.

9. After that, set up fill opacity to 0% and apply the Stroke layer style to the current layer. Do you have the same result here?

10. If you want, you could add more stars with the same method.

How do you like this text effect? Once you understand the PhotoShop tools better, you’ll be able to create more possibilities for any text next time.

Reference website: http://www.photoshopstar.com/graphics/photoshop-star-cute-text-effect/


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