The way to keep us connected

This is how we understand one another!

Hey, here comes a few questions for you, simple questions: When you walk into MacDonald’s, how do the clerk know about your decision for lunch? It’s communication! How does Rita share her good news with friends? Yes, it’s communication! How could I persuade a client to buy my works? It’s communication!And how do we learn knowledge from the instructors at BCIT? You know the answer is still “communication”!

Now, I think it’s clear enough for everyone to understand the purpose, the importance and the effects of communication. In daily life, we are using many different ways communicating with others anytime and anywhere, it could be a text message, an eye contact, a meeting, an argument, a song, an art, a smile, an image, a blog, or any other things. Therefore, communication is the most basic, but also the most important behavior for all the animals in the world, and human beings are just a part of it.

Why to learn?

Since we are doing communication all the time, we are supposed to know it well, then why bothering to learn more about “communication”? Believe it or not, but the truth is that most people don’t really know about making good communications, and that’s how the misunderstanding and disagreement start. To avoid something like that happens again and again, we should really learn to communicate well.

The first thing to improve our communication skills is to learn to express yourself properly; no matter which method you’re going to use-write an article or make a speech, there is one purpose only-your message must be conveyed to your audience clearly and correctly.

Isn’t that easy?

Let’s say you are writng a letter to your boss because of some complaint, could you make this letter effective? “Come on, it’s just an email, what’s so difficult?” These words might come out from your brain right away, and I felt the same way too not long ago. However, many problems appeared when I actually started to write the mail. “Is this a good title?” “Will the content be too general? But I want him to understand what’s going on indeed!” “Is this too strong?! Or maybe I should emphasize more on this part?!” Trust me, it’s not as easy as you imagine! Sometimes, the more official and important the letter is, the more perplexing it could be.

I just learnt some tips from my instructor recently, and I found they are helpful! The best way to do is keep your content chunkable and scannable because your boss has to deal with countless emails each day, so he couldn’t spend much time on every single mail. For this reason, he’ll scan all the mails (the title and the content) once quickly, and decide the priority. If you make it too long, then he’ll lose his patience for finding out the the real purpose of it. It would be better to provide some possible solutions as an advice in the end because that will help your boss know your needs better, and it’s also save him some time to response.

Do you know that?

New Meida students, have you ever realized that we need to put more effort on this class? Because we always work as a group, and we have to meet our future client’s need, and ensure the target audiences will receive the same information as well. How could we complete all the process without communicaing well? To achieve our goal, let us start to communicate with the world from now on.


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