“New Media” V.S. “Printing”

Nowadays, we have more than one way to obtain the information that we need; we could watch news on TV or do it on-line, and we can also read an article from a book, or download it from the website. No matter which methods we choose, we all get what we need eventually, so what are the differences between these two tools-New Media and printing?

Time is money!

 “Have you seen that news?” If I asked my friend this question ten years ago, I might get the following answers: “Oh yes, I read it from the newspaper yesterday!”, or “I saw the news on TV last night!”. As time goes by, life becomes really different with the power of high-technology, and the internet is included. So, if I ask the same question now, the answers become: “I didn’t know that, but I’ll go and watch it later on-line!”, or “Oh yeah, I just read it from my Blackberry on my way to school!”.


See? This is the power of internet, it keeps updating the information all over the world. We can find what we need in the shortest time, and this helps a lot for the businessmen especially since most of them have the same proverb-”Time is money!”.


What if you were not a businessman, it’s still beneficial because you could take full advantage of the time that you had saved, and use it to finish some more things at the same time, or just get some extra time for entertainment. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


More possibilities.

We always see some pictures and patterns on the printing matters, and that’s probably the best way to enrich it, but it could be represented with many other ways on the website, even if they are exactly the same thing-the same article, the same news and so on.


New Media brings more possibilities which is differ from the traditional printing, so now, we can see many pictures-not just one or two- relationg to the article without any limits of the layouts; furthermore, we can keep finding more about the keyword by clicking on the hyperlink. Or maybe, the whole article is originally extracted from a video, in that case, we can only read the words on printing matters, but we might be able watching the video as well, if it’s an on-line article.


Which is better?

Although it seems that New Media overwhlem printing industry in many aspects; printing matters are still irreplaceable. We all enjoy the convenience and variety of New Media; however, it tends to change our habbits of life in some way, and for most people, it’ll take a lot of time and effort to get used to it. And that explains why many of us still prefer reading a printed book, rather than read it from the monitor. Besides, the printed one is portable, but the downloaded one is only readable with proper equipment.


When it comes to the money issue, we might choose to pay for an e-book, and the reason is mainly because of the better price. Or perhaps, sometimes we just need a part of information from one book, but we won’t need that book anymore hereafter, then we might not want to buy a physical book. Bascially, the only standard for measuring the benefit or shrtcoming of New Media and printing is depending on your own needs. And that’s why both of them are important, and are coexisted.


After all, new techonology is for improving our life by giving us more choices, which allows everyone to choose the best resolution for their own problems.


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