My Photoshop

Photoshop is the first and the only software that we need to in the first term, before now, I naver had a chance to use it.


Luckily, our instructor, Mak, is such a great one, I’m so interested in Photoshop now, and that’s all because of his patient, accurate, professional and excellent teaching method!

Everytime when Mak wants to teach us some kind of functions, he explains the whole system or theory first, and then he does the demonstation. Before moving on to next part, he usually gives us a chance to practice those fuctions; at the same time, he walks around the entire classroom until he makes sure everyone knows how to manipulate correctly, and doesn’t get lost. This is really helpful, especially for someone like me-again, a total beginner. And I wasn’t afraid of asking him questions; therefore, I feel so gratitude to Mak, and look forward to learn more from him.


Last week, Mak gave us two assignments-by the way, we have a lots assignments each week, even though this is just the first term, sigh!-one is to make some selections of an old, black and white photo, and fill in colors. The other is more tough that asks for a midterm project proposal. We need to find out a topic for this project, and it could be presented in any formats, such as a book cover, a poster, a CD sleeve or so. There isn’t too many limitation actually, which is good since it becomes more flexible for everyone, but that also means the range is going to be very broad.


Some of my classmates got their topics in a very short time because their friends are coincidently looking for someone to produce thier advertising products. Unfortunately, I don’t have that many friends so far, and I guess that’s part of the problems of moving abroad. However, it’s not that bad either, I decided to find a topic which relates to my personal preference, and it’s my belief that I would be more passionate and unrestricted by doing this-I’m my own boss now, doesn’t it sound great?


Anyway, my proposal is about designing the poster for a fashion show with a particular subject of “butterfly”. This exhibition is only existed in my imagination, so I’m allowed to produce anything that I want on the poster, plus, this is all about fashion and trend, so it could be a morden style, a classic style, or a surreal style, and either one can be easily accpeted by the audiences.


I really like this topic, and many pictures and ideas came out of my head right after I made the decision. This also enable me to finish my thumbnails quickly at the same time.

Now, my proposal had been approved by Mak, and I need to work on it from now on-we only have two more weeks to finish it. Although I still have many questions about how to finish my ideal poster, I’m still very happy and excited to welcome my first work with Photoshop. And I know that I’m going to gain more hard-skills and useful experiences by finishing this project. There is still a long way to go-what I mean is being able to work in this field-but it’s one step closer to my dream as well! Keep moving on!


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