How to get a quick start of learning new media?

I had never learned anything which is related to new media before,

and didn’t have any related working experience either, but I really

want to get into this field in a short time due to my personal interest

in designing, and that’s why I applied for the “New Media Design

and Web Developement Program” at BCIT.

The program just began last week, and I realized that everything

about this program is new to me. To avoid falling behind all the

classes, I’m thinking about putting some effort on understanding new

media in advance, therefore; I would like to know is there any quick

start to learn about new media as a beginner? Among all the

applications and software, which one should I learn first? Or perhaps I

should learn as many software as possible at the same time, so that I

could understand what the difference or common ground is among all


To start by reading a book seems to be one good way for beginners to

learn new media, but it also brings some other questions, since there

are quite a lots published books in stores, and each one teaches you

about new media from different angles-the introduction to new media,

the differences between each software using for designing, how to

use a software properly and so on. So how should I choose a right

book for myself? Is there any tips for making good decisions while

browsing the books? There must be something which is really

important for beginners, but people like me wouldn’t know much about

it, in that case, I really want to obtain some opinions from people who

are working in this field, or who are studying the related programs as


Another way to get to know the new media is probably to run the

software in person-something like Photoshop CS, Illustrator, and

Adobe. But again, the software itself is upgrading all the time, and

there are so many versions of each, which one should I begin

with? What confuses me more is about the capatibility, are they all

work well both on PC and Mac? There are so many things to

learn for me to learn, and hopefully I could get some friendly and

useful help from everyone in this field.


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